Triple 7's ENB XC superstar has arrived.

Race proven technology and the performance to make your move.

Higher atmosphere is proud to be the Australian sales and distribution representative for paragliding's newest brand Triple 7. The first certified glider in Triple 7's range, the race proven ENB Rook is still leading the way in ENB performance with demo wings now available. 2013 promises to be an exciting second year in Triple 7's history with ENA Pawn now available and the new ENC Queen now certified in Medium and Large.


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The new 777 Queen ENC has arrived

28-08-2013 Triple Seven's newest addition to the stable the ENC Queen has arrived in Australia and is available for testing in medium size with a weight range 80-104kg. This is a racing focused wing incorporating the latest innovations in glider design borrowed from racing and made accessible to ENC pilots. The glider has been certified in Medium and Large and is available for order now. Learn more...

Spring flying on the Rook in SE QLD

16-08-2013 A nice day flying on a Rook i borrowed from 777 team pilot Will Robb. I should borrow gliders more often. I made it to lake Moogerah!

Demo glider for sale

23-08-2013 1 Large Rook in green (100-120kg) demo is for sale to make way for Triple 7's new ENC, the Queen. This is a great opportunity to get on board the most comfortable high performance ENB in the class at a great price. Contact for details...

New Pawn LTF / ENA Video

02-06-2013 Triple Seven have released a new video of their glider aimed at new pilots with all the technology of its bigger borther the Rook

Reserve parachutes now available

Triple 7 have announced the release of the 'Keeper' series of reserves including the steerbale 'Keeper - ST'. This great range starts at $600 AUD learn more...
The ENA Pawn now available

Triple 7 have announced that the ENA Pawn (M size) aimed at begining pilots and pilots demanding maximum passive safety has passed certification. The glider is available for order in blue, orange, yellow and red colors.
Skywings Reviews the Rook

UK Paragliding magazine gives a full review of the Rook saying:"Overall, flying the Rook is a real pleasure. The performance is great, but its real strengths are its agility, the climb rate it achieves and the really solid, confidence-inspiring comportment it displays. I couldn't really say which of the features are the icing on the cake, but I can tell you that the finished product, the combination of all that has gone into it, leads to something superb." Read the whole article...

article pdf link

Afternoon bliss on two Rooks

After being sick for a couple of weeks from a nasty tick bite i had the chance to go XC out and return only to be tempted back into the sky one more time. We were rewarded with plentiful lift everywhere. Views are of the Gold Coast hinterland over Beechmont launch and the Numinbah Valley. Australia's first Triple 7 team pilot flying the Blue Rook.
Flying Australia's First Rook

I had my first proper flight with the Rook today. A winter 50km tour around the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland countryside including an out and return from Mt Tamborine to Canungra then to Beaudesert and back. After leaving my camera on all night before flying I have no video to share… OUCH! So firstly, thanks to Will for the footage i have used! After setting up on a busy launch with only 3 people already in the air I took off in front of the peanut gallery thinking the day was not looking super promising at the time and hoping for more than a glide to the bombout. After an easy launch but no lift
something promising rustled the glider near the spur I was heading for. So I turned for the first time on the Rook and instantly my eyebrows rose... "wow this thing is nimble". Without any hesitation or particular persuasion the glider hooked around in a tight circle exactly as I asked. "Promising first impression" i thought. A few circles later I centred on my first thermal for the day feeling instantly at home under this very comfortable and surprisingly nimble wing. I am mostly impressed by this wings willingness to turn in anything without hesitation, strong lift, sink, edges of thermals, it all seems to make little difference to the way the Rook obediently turns in and does exactly what it is told. A couple of thermals later a few pilots joined me at cloud base before I decided to head off on my own adventure eager to see what else this glider had in store for me. After three and half hours of enjoyable and strongish conditions thermaling with my friends I landed after an out and return trip to the flats and back with a super big smile on my face. Three things leap out at me about this glider. Firstly, it is nimble and direct in handling. Secondly, it is very comfortable to fly in rough air. Thirdly, glide on bar is very impressive. Yes, I am a dealer for Triple 7 in Australia and I would hope that I am selling good wings, but it is a damn great feeling to not think… but know you have something new and special to share with ENB pilots. Don't take my word for it, try a Triple 7 Rook and see for yourself.
Groundhandling Australia's First Rook

12-08-2012 -
After receiving Australia's first Triple 7 Gliders Rook i have been desperate to give it a fly. The weather had other ideas though with strong winds across South East Queensland. After 2 failed visits to a secret location for some ground handling we have finally managed to get the Rook above our heads just before sunset.

First impressions are good... can't wait to get this exciting glider in the air.
Unpacking Australia's First Rook

- I have just taken delivery of the first Rook in Australia. It is a size large in the red colour. Check out the video to get up close and personal with the new kid on the block and get some first impressions. If you have any questions, or would like to test fly this beauty contact me. Gliders in all other sizes arriving soon. Stay tuned for more videos, reports and reviews on this exciting new ENB.

Available April Future low-end ENB Available Now Future Tandem Available Now 2nd Prototype